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  • Should You Buy or Rent a Home in Sandy Utah
    Things to think about when trying to decide if you should buy or rent a home One place you might want to start looking is at your financial situation and see what is right for your bottom line
  • Why Should You Consider Buying a House Through Rent to Own Home Set up
    Looking for a new place for you and your family can be a daunting task, only because you are not that confident when it comes to your financial capabilities Some properties would require thousands of dollars as down payments, while some would need full payment in cash; this is mostly true for properties that have been recently foreclosed Fortunately, today's real estate condition, now allows future homeowner to purchase or acquire ownership of foreclosed homes, REO properties and even bank-owned homes through a rent-to-own policy
  • Buying a Home in Retirement Downsizing
    Downsizing to a smaller home during retirement often reduces your expenses, and it provides you with a way to get a little more cash out of your previous home It can be especially effective if you have the mortgage on your larger home paid off
  • The Scoop on Multi Million Dollar Condos in Minneapolis MN
    With over 4000 square feet of space and up to four bedrooms, many of these high end condos have more square footage than the average house The majority of high end condos offer three or four bathrooms, with at least one bathroom containing features such as double sinks, a jetted tub, and built in storage
  • Rent or Own The Pros of Each
    For some people, owning a home is an integral part of achieving the American Dream But for others, and perhaps a growing number of people, home ownership is not in the cards And oftentimes, that is a calculated choice people make The reality today is that some people simply prefer to rent a home instead of own one Of course, there are upsides to both renting and owning
  • Avoid These Eight Mistakes When You Buy Or Sell A House
    For most people, buying or selling their primary home, vacation property or rental property can be among their most important and expensive business transactions This article offers advice on how to avoid some common mistakes in the process and make the best use of your time and money
  • Condo Living in Today s Market
    Utilities such as gas, water and electricity may be covered in the owner's monthly fees, but in some instances they are not It's up to the buyer to learn what is included in the purchase price, and to understand any expenses that will be additional All of this must be thoroughly examined before making the purchase
  • Rent or Own Which is Better
    The article debates whether it is better to rent a house or to buy one It is clear that some financial calculations and economic awareness are needed before making decision whether to rent a home or buy a home All in all the decision to buy a home has to be made only when a person is financially capable to afford all the payments associated with a mortgage
  • Tips on Writing Purchase Offers for Repo Homes
    Writing a purchase offer when buying repo homes requires more care than usual To protect a homebuyer's interest in the deal, certain provisions should be made clear
  • Competing with Other Buyers of Distressed Properties
    A lot more homebuyers are interested in distressed properties nowadays To get the better of your competitors, you need to know how to get the seller to focus on your offer